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The letter "N" please.... for the win. [6th October, 2008|04:56]
ok... the letter N

Norris, Chuck- Need I say more. The worst thing you can imagine. A blind man accidentally bumped into Chuck Norris and the man was cured of his blindness. Unfortunately, the first and last thing the man saw was a round-house kick to the face from Chuck Norris.

Natalya- Natalya is an Assassin of the order of the Viz-Jaq'taar. She is the first appearance of the assassin character in Diablo II and offers advice cloaked in mysteries. Super hot, but useless.

Colonel Nicholas Joseph "Nick" Fury- A fictional World War II army hero and present-day super-spy in the Marvel Comics universe. Shaft gonna beat some bad-guy ass.

Nimrod- Evil mad scientist from Dr. Who that was responsible for cloning the doctor multiple times before being stopped by the Dr. with the aid of one of the clones.

Nolt- One of the Marcus Brothers from Vampire Hunter D. Nolt is a huge man who uses an enormous war hammer with a silver tip at one end. His face is painted and he seems to be partially cybernetic.

guess thats enough for now...

[User Picture]From: fallen_ryba
2008-10-07 01:14 pm (UTC)
Chuck Norris is fictional and real. At the same time.
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[User Picture]From: gunsmithjeb
2008-10-09 01:31 pm (UTC)

You dare question Chuck?!!

*ducks and hides* awaiting round-house kick from Chuck Norris to Em's face.
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