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Team killing? [4th November, 2008|11:47]
I had no idea that there were that many socialists in America. Have we degraded that far as a nation to fight a war with islam on one front, and then turn around and elect a muslim named hussein to the office of president? He couldn't command his way out of a piss-soaked paper bag. What happened to us that we reward people who lie, cheat, and steal and then stick their hand out for more and say "it's not my fault!" Too many stupid people voting that don't understand what is going on. Too many people like Clinton selling us out to China, with the obamunism to follow. Hope you are ready for the upcoming economic depression all you team killing fucktards that voted for the abomanation.
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New toy! [29th October, 2008|10:02]
yeay! Look Lt. Dan!! A new toy for Jeb's shop! I got a 60 gallon 3hp air compressor today. Its all red and shiny, and runs off of 220, and I will hold it and pet it... Oh, wait.... I still have to get it out of the back of the truck and into the shop. Its pretty heavy. They had to load it with a fork lift. That makes me happy. Almost, but not quite as happy as saying no to Obomnunism and the USA-SSR.
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Punch Pole Vaulting Pete in the face Party Invite !!!! [24th October, 2008|10:21]
Everyone is here by formally invited to a punch pete party. All you have to do is make a fake yahoo e-mail addy., then make a myspace account using said addy. then add teh mobsters application. Pete's page is:


I've been punching an r-tard named Pole vaulting Pete for about 4 days now. Its hilarious the reactions his little friends have to this. Please, come join in on the fun with me and Russ.
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The letter "N" please.... for the win. [6th October, 2008|04:56]
ok... the letter N

Norris, Chuck- Need I say more. The worst thing you can imagine. A blind man accidentally bumped into Chuck Norris and the man was cured of his blindness. Unfortunately, the first and last thing the man saw was a round-house kick to the face from Chuck Norris.

Natalya- Natalya is an Assassin of the order of the Viz-Jaq'taar. She is the first appearance of the assassin character in Diablo II and offers advice cloaked in mysteries. Super hot, but useless.

Colonel Nicholas Joseph "Nick" Fury- A fictional World War II army hero and present-day super-spy in the Marvel Comics universe. Shaft gonna beat some bad-guy ass.

Nimrod- Evil mad scientist from Dr. Who that was responsible for cloning the doctor multiple times before being stopped by the Dr. with the aid of one of the clones.

Nolt- One of the Marcus Brothers from Vampire Hunter D. Nolt is a huge man who uses an enormous war hammer with a silver tip at one end. His face is painted and he seems to be partially cybernetic.

guess thats enough for now...
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RJI [28th April, 2008|10:48]
Much funzors not riding the Marta bus at the RJI...Missing teh Todd n Katie... :(( Next time more bullettzzorz n' such apparatusEz as can launch them... Perhaps a large fire and a zubu critter could be arranged.... mr. Tim? It was good to see everyone again and break some rust off the Halo3 skillzors......btw....since every one is jamming words together and such....would they be a "red headed ToddKat fishy" now?
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Slice-o-dice-o-matic 9000 [31st January, 2008|10:25]
Got a new toy the other day. =) Horizontal/vertical metal band saw with a flood coolant system. Iz teh aws0mezor. Now I can slice n' dice metal in retartedly no time at all.... Am still waiting on the Smithy Granite 1324 that is coming about the 2nd week of Feb. Then the guns begin..... muwhahahaha
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lots of machines on IX [30th November, 2007|08:50]
[Current Mood |mischievousmischievous]
[Current Music |REM - Its the end of the world.]

Got my machinist course today! Whoohoo! Lookout cal. 1.0 here I come :D
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Gobble Gobble [22nd November, 2007|11:59]
[Current Mood |fullfull]

Yeah, Happy Turkey Day to all. Hope you ate way too much and took many naps and enjoyed being useless for a day or so. Wound up eating the thanksgiving dinner at home and over at a friend's house. Stuffed was a good adj. after the 1st meal. "In the zone" was me after the 2nd meal. Thats gonna be some push ups n' weight lifting in the morning. :)
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*Scratches head* [18th November, 2007|05:59]
who would have guessed?

Looking for payday loans?
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Fight me if you dare | Combat Cards [12th November, 2007|11:13]
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